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Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound

Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound

SBR-LN or Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound is a high refractory material which is a result of a very successful amalgamation of all good products, thus have excellent flow. Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound is Chromite, Zirconia, Alumina and Silica based SBR-LN that is custom-made according to the prevailing plant practice. Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound is designed on the most successful combination of ingredients in controlled sizes in appropriate ratios as revealed by experiments in simulation conditions. Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound gives free openings consistently, reduces ladle turnaround time, offer more production of better quality due to greatly reduced lancing and effective coating technique makes it less polluting.

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity As Per Customer Requirement
Delivery Time As per Order
Packaging Details Standard 25kg in polythene lined HDPE bags.

Typical Chemistry of SBR-LN

Specification SBR-LN-C SBR-LN-B SBR-LN-A
Al2O3 (%) 6.60 6.60 10
Cr2O3 (%) 22.50 25.00 -
FeO (%) 8.20 2.00 5
MgO (%) 4.30 2.00 -
SiO (%) 54.30 30.00 85
ZrO2 (%) - 25.00 -
C (%) 2.00 <2.00 2.00
Moisture (%) <1.00 <1.00 <1.00